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Discover Lemnos

Lemnos belongs to the islands of the north-eastern Aegean along with Lesvos and Agios Efstratios.
You can reach the island by air daily from Athens and Thessaloniki. There is also an air connection with the islands: Mytilini, Chios, Samos, Rhodes, Ikaria.

You can also travel by ferry from Athens (Lavrio) and Piraeus, from northern Greece from Kavala and Thessaloniki and from the islands of Chios and Lesvos.

Lemnos is an island with golden beaches and an impressive volcanic landscape, ideal for those who wish to spend a peaceful holiday and discover nature.

It has hospitable inhabitants, rare archaeological sites, castles, but also traditional settlements, while producing sought-after products (wine, honey, cheese) since ancient times.



Beaches of Lemnos

Lemnos, having a long coastline due to its geographical shape, forms more than 40 beaches, some crowded, some lonely, some with pebbles, others with sand...
Some of the most notable beaches are the following:


Platy Beach
The beach is located in the western part of the island near the village of Platy. Sandy and secular, this beach offers bathers a variety of activities.
On the east coast of the island near the village of Kalliopi. It is one of the largest beaches of the island, a sandy beach. The central part of the beach is cosmopolitan, while the northern and southern parts are more secluded. The beach is ideal for activities such as windsurfing, as strong winds blow in the area. The beach also has 2 picturesque ports, that of Agia Kyriaki and Agia Paraskevi. Before the beach there is a small pine forest, where the visitor can camp.
One of the most popular beaches of Lemnos, as it combines a relaxed atmosphere, natural beauty, activities and fine, golden sand. It has shallow, blue-green waters and a few scattered tamarisk trees for natural shade.
Romeikos Gialos
The beach is located in Myrina and is quite secular. Right next to the beach there are cafes and taverns. Next to the castle of Myrina, it is the ideal place for diving, adventure and relaxation.
Tourkikos Gialos
Turkikos Gialos is also located in Myrina on the other side of the city. Cosmic beach and sandy. The name of the beach is due to the fact that in the past the Turks lived on this side of the city, in contrast to Romeikos Gialos, where the Greek inhabitants of the city lived.
Thanous Beach
South of the beach of Platy is the beach of Thanos, which has been significantly developed and is now considered one of the best beaches of the island. Beach with golden sand, where the visitor enjoys many activities and services.
Mikro & Megalo Fanaraki
2 neighboring beaches in Moudros, the second largest village of Lemnos. Sandy and worldly beaches, located in an area of special natural beauty. The visitor to these two beaches deserves to go to the small cave and the rock to the small lantern.
Ai Giannis beach
In the western part of the island, the beach of Ai Giannis is a more "low-profile" beach. It is located near the pebbled village of Kaspakas and has more of a family character, while the beautiful view and the picturesque tavernas by the sea compensate the visitor.
Near Moudros and further south from Fanaraki is Havouli beach, a deserted sandy beach. In the summer of 2007, the popular global music festival "island of fire festival" took place on the beach.